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Welcome to H.H. Homestead, Home of Heritage Horizon Dairy Goats!

H.H. Homestead
is a small family run homestead situated on 7 acres. We strive for quality care when it comes to our animals. American Alpines are our chosen breed of dairy goat due to their hardiness and heavy milk production.  Each animal we own has been carefully chosen based on genetic selection and personality traits. It is our goal to breed healthy, physically correct animals that can provide your family with companionship and nutritious milk. Our entire herd is annually tested with negative results for CAE, Johne's, and CL. 

*We are participating in ADGA performance programs in 2021*
Does are enrolled in DHIR and LA

We work hard to make sure each kid will be disbudded, tattooed, and receive the proper nutrition prior to leaving our farm. Because my family and I are committed to providing you with quality animals, we hope to help you reach your goals of becoming more self sufficient! Our animals are raised with plant based grains(no animal byproducts) and locally grown hay. We strive to treat our animals holistically but still work with our local veterinarian using traditional medicine to ensure we are thorough with their care.  We personally prefer not to vaccinate but are happy to accommodate those who request their animals be vaccinated prior to leaving.

 Please join our family in our journey in producing a more sufficient means of living.

After all, r
aising happy, healthy animals who can provide my family and yours with tasty, nutritious, milk  is our mission. 

Thank you for expressing interest in Heritage Horizon Alpines!

-Jaime, Derek, Henrik, and Nolan